Microwell, spol. s r.o., founded in 1992, is comprised of three business divisions. Following the first, industrial measurement solutions division, the second division was formed in 1996, focusing on air conditioning solutions. The youngest and the fastest growing division specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of dehumidification and heating system solutions. Based on comprehensive knowledge and experience of measurement and air conditioning division, it was established in 2003 after recognising the market need for innovative, advanced, reliable and efficient products. Microwell continuously invests into full range production plant with its own research & development facility, laboratory and testing ground.
In 2020, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, R&D engineers developed a new UV-C-based air purifier. Microwell subsequently began manufacturing and selling the ATHMOSS germicidal air purifier, which sucks air in, cleans, filters and then the densified air is discharged into the room, in the presence of people.

Today we are an expert in swimming pool dehumidification and heating solutions, with more than 5000 successful projects completed, from pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, hotel & leisure centers, museums, galleries, medical facilities, coy fish and jellyfish tanks, wine ceder conditioning and horse recovering facilities. We are proud to export our products to 30+ countries. As customers in each country and market seek different features and values of a product, we have always carefully listened to what our customers demand. Most of our products and accessories came live following close cooperation with our customers.
Our products provide features and values the consumers in various countries demand. We have never wanted to sell just a box, we have always provided with a solution. We believe we are the strongest at variety of models, theirs many different makes and options, full flexibility towards each individual application and towards each individual customer’s preference throughout numerous accessories. We believe there is no pool or sauna or Jacuzzi or spa or hotel that could not be served by Microwell products.

DRY Siren pool dehumidifier
Innovative swimming pool dehumidifier with modern features, low energy
consumption and internet control.
Designed to control humidity in swimming.
Swimming pool dehumidifiers
Operating on the condensation principle, DRY swimming pool dehumidifiers are
advanced and visually attractive solution for an effective humidity control.
Swimming pool heat pumps
Designed on the principle of renewable energy source, Microwell heat pumps are
designed for highly efficient pool water conditioning.